Providing exciting and challenging learning opportunities for children with various developmental constrictions such as ADD, ADHD, Sensory Integration Delay, Autism, PDD, PDDNOS and Aspergers Syndrome.  By utilizing Dr. Stanley Greenspan’s DIR (Developmental, Individual-difference, Relationship-based) framework, various natural settings, community resources and family participation, we strive to strengthen each child’s relationship with the world around him or her as well as his or her physical, social and emotional development and health.


Schools/Clinics/Therapy Programs: Outdoor Rec. Adventures, Inc. (ORA) offers schools, private therapy clinics and programs that specialize in providing services for children the opportunity to team-up with our organization and participate in safe, exciting and challenging programs to specifically address the various emotional, social and sensory needs of the children in their program.   Productive and stimulating settings, such as, but not limited to, hiking, swimming, team building activities and team-sports clinics introduced by the ORA team, create an environment that physically, mentally and socially challenges each child and the group in an exciting and fun manner, while also providing the sensory input necessary to achieve increased regulation and organization.

Swimming Instruction at the Decatur DeKalb YMCA: Outdoor Rec. Adventures, Inc. (ORA) offers individual and group based swimming instruction classes throughout the year in our afterschool program.  The swimming pool continues to demonstrate an effective, challenging and fun environment to address the various sensory and social goals targeted by our program and the families involved.  By carefully monitoring the size of each class (never more than 8 children per class and if need be, less), we are uniquely suited to accommodate the individual needs of each child who participates in these programs.  We have welcomed parents to join us in the water to help their child feel safe and confident as they adjust to this setting as well as provide an opportunity for the parent to learn how to implement these skills independently.  We have also included older children and siblings to join us in the pool to develop and refine their skills as peer leaders and supporters of the class.  Providing opportunities for families to actively participate in these programs located in local community settings directly supports our participating families, local community institutions and our mission at ORA.

Summer Programs: Outdoor Rec. Adventures, Inc. (ORA) offers a unique summer setting for children that models the typical day-camp experience, yet provides the support necessary for children to develop positive and enjoyable relationships with their peers, adults and their environment. We maintain a low child/adult ratio and limit our enrollment to only 8 to 10 children per week to maximize individual success and enjoyment. Many of our participants can feel overwhelmed by large group environments, yet still need experiences working and playing with others. By keeping our enrollment low, we ensure that children’s individual needs are identified and addressed and our mission can be realized. Additionally, we are able to provide a comprehensive summer  experience involving activities such as hiking, meaningful team-building initiatives, canoeing & rafting, exploring Zoo Atlanta and other community settings (parks, pools, etc.).  ORA accepts campers ranging in age from 5 to 13. We welcome family participation each Monday for the hiking portion of our week. This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know the staff & other children, have a shared experience with your child (which offers many great discussion topics at home), and help ease your child into the experience if necessary.